Our Story

My life as a nomad started at a young age...

Born in La Jolla (near San Diego), California I was exposed to many different ideologies and people.  My family moved to Plano (near Dallas), Texas when I was only seven years old, which was a culture shock.  My acclimation to this environment was not to be as we moved to El Paso, Texas two years later resulting in a whole new culture shock.  Five years later my roots were torn again as we moved to Jacksonville, Florida.  I then moved to Gainesville, Fl where I attended college of engineering and then business.  My roots now permanently mobile I have the itch to travel that needs to be fed on a regular basis. 

Traveling light and mobile is a very important aspect to making travel enjoyable.  We curated the list of these products to bring you some of the essential items you need on your journey.  Growing up watching old movies also instilled a sense of classic and timeless styling into my personality.  As I scour the world for the best gear, rest assured they will be timeless additions to your gear.

Join me in this adventure called life and explore the world around you in style.

Thanks and keep moving,


Jeremy Foxx